I thought that I would drop a line today. Just to wish everyone a happy new year and make sure that you are doing all that you need to do to protect your children and yourself.

Lately, I have been involved in contacting a lot of people in so many ways for two reasons. One of course, as part of my unending quest to jail this cyberthug who imagines that it is okay to invade peoples privacy and violently rape their families in a psychological and brutal way, and the other thing is as I have indicated here before to make people aware of the dangers lurking on the web in the form of these soulless reprobates and to make sure their children and lives are protected.

I do not want to go over it again but do remember that your phone can be used to monitor you. It can be activated as a listening device and used not only to listen to your calls but also to follow all your activities.

I spoke to someone who shared a very sad tale with me. While I am not at liberty to divulge the details of the matter since it is an ongoing investigation, it appears that her daughter was sexually molested by someone who had posed as a teenage boy for a long time. Like in my case, this man had accomplices and had set up numerous websites to lure her daughter.

Since she did not know that illegal wiretaps are easy and possible for the criminals in cyberspace, she could not understand how and why this molester knew the times when her daughter was alone and then would contact her on the home phone. He used a method called “phreaking” and would call using either a non-existing number or an authentic one that could not be traced to him.

Her daughter was eventually lured away by this BRUTE who assaulted her.

As can be imagined, this young girl is unwilling to discuss the events and is perplexed that this person who appeared to know her so well was a 37 year old man who, contrary to what he claimed, had never had any of the battles with his parents, the battles which made them (the girl and he) seem like soul mates.

The saddest part is that the damage has been done. While I am certain that by the grace of God, this young woman will recover, I believe her mother should have obtained more information on the dangerous cyberthugs that are everywhere on line.

As a grown woman who has been targeted by a man (who runs NUMEROUS sites under a slew of fabricated aliases and uses the lives of people whom he stalks, illegally wiretaps and harasses as the basis for his blogs and so called “real life experiences”) I know that it is difficult for people to wrap their minds around this type of unwarranted sociopathic behavior.

The difficulty in understanding why anyone would have the temerity to continuously ignore the law and the near certainty of prosecution and punishment–and continue to commit these heinous acts–is understandable. However, in this case, a daughter had expressed some concerns to her mother that the “teenage boy” with whom she was conversing knew a lot about their family. This should immediately have raised a red flag in the mothers mind and caused her to spring into action.

This man had probably been reading her email and following her online activities for a long time. FYI-in the chatroom, from what the mom told me, it appears this maniac had about 10 handles-some of which were girls. He used these aliases to lull this young girl into a state of comfort.

Harm occurs when you stand by and do little or nothing.

Again, while my situation is incensing to the extent that the criminal who targeted me has done so with unimaginable impunity, in my case, I am an adult and have no intention whatsoever to leaving my life open to the whims and caprices of a cyberworm. For a child, the case is very different.If you do not provide your child parental support, they might not have the mental ability to resist the lure of lies and subterfuge which is a hallmark of these cyberthugs.

Remember, the person who is chatting with your child today might be looking for much more than just banter.

It is easy to track, stalk and hound adults and even easier to do this to children.

The good news is that you can easily track and identify these jail bound molesters if you are vigilant and knowledgeable.

Apathy is not an option. The Internet and the “Real world” massively overlap. Be aware.

Best wishes for the New Year.

Stay Safe.


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